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Menus & Order

Special Note: We update these menus often.  Prices are subject to change.

Our preferred method for placing orders is over the phone to ensure we can deliver exceptional customer service and can better adhere to any special modifications.


For take-out orders please call

Chicken Shish Kebab Richmond Grapevine

Separate Checks 

Please note we are more that happy to split and divide checks for parties of 6 or more. Just be advised that this will require additional wait time to accommodate your request.

We offer curbside pickup at the restaurant just call when you arrive. We also deliver wine, beer, and cocktails to your home. This applies to take-out and catering orders as well. Just call to order.
Thank you for your patronage!

Don't forget: We also have catering and mobile bar services!

Additional Options:

  • Our homemade specialties to go: Soup, Sauce, Dressings, etc. Use our container or fill your own!

  • Delivery is available for orders from our catering menu.

  • To-go/ takeout available for all items

  • Call-in orders available

  • All wines are available to-go by bottle or case


Secrets of the Mediterranean Diet

Did you know that sticking to a Mediterranean diet can lower your risk for heart disease while also adding up to six years to your life expectancy? So what is the key to this diet? Which ingredients do you need to improve your vitality and longevity? It includes lots of vegetables and olive oil, some fish, smaller amounts of dairy and meat products, and moderate amounts of alcohol. A distinct version of the Mediterranean diet is followed on the Blue Zone island of Ikaria, Greece. It emphasizes olive oil, vegetables, beans, fruit, moderate amounts of alcohol, and low quantities of meat and dairy products.


8 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

1. Low in Processed Foods and Sugar

2. Helps You Lose Weight in Healthy Way

3. Improves Heart Health

4. Helps Fight Cancer

5. Prevents or Treats Diabetes

6. Protects Cognitive Health and Can Improve Your Mood

7. Might Help You Live Longer!

8. Helps You De-stress and Relax

Source: Dr. Josh Axe


"The Grapevine was magnificent! The food was delicious and the staff was on top of things. My husband and I enjoy going to the Grapevine on a regular basis and always get treated like royalty. The Grapevine and it's staff are both outstanding!"


“OMG Tara is absolutely amazing. The best waiter ever. Literally, there is not a single thing on the menu that's not to die for. I took my fiancee and her mom, dad, and aunt, and everyone agreed that the food is just to die for. We didn't leave one scrap of food behind. Try this place, there's nothing to regret! Absolutely love this place! Ask for Tara!.”

— Kelby

“Amazing staff and atmosphere. Every member of the staff we met was extremely friendly and helpful. Food was great as well.”

— Josh


“Grapevine is more than just a restaurant. Anybody who has step foot into it knows exactly what I mean by that. You are treated like you're a part of the family. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The new décor and the heated outdoor patio are absolutely beautiful.
Rita and Brian are pros and they are really good at anticipating costumers needs. Nonetheless, all of the staff works as a team and goes above and beyond. Furthermore, delicious food comes as a icing on the cake.
You really get a wholesome experience when dining at the Grapevine. Keep up the extraordinary work!.”

— Danaja

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